8 Things You Should Not Store in Your Storage Unit

Our storage lockers are extremely useful for storing a wide variety of items, from clothes to household goods. However, there are some things that you should not store in your storage unit, no matter what. Some of these items might go bad and attract bugs or pests, whilst other items are not permitted as they are hazardous or against the law.

1. Cash/Bonds/Money

At Pickups Self Storage, we proudly offer 24/7 CCTV, a large perimeter fence, and a comprehensive alarm system. However, we do not recommend that you store cash, deeds, or bonds in your storage unit. In the exceptionally rare case that these items are stolen or damaged, your insurance would not cover them. As such, we recommend using a safety deposit box in a bank if you want to store cash.

2. Food/perishable goods

Secondly, it is not a good idea to store food (especially perishable goods) in a storage unit rather than at home. If food is left in an enclosed area such as a storage unit for a long period of time, it will start to mould and rot. This will inevitably attract bugs and rodents, which may pose a risk to your other items in storage.

Worst case scenario, the entire facility might become infested. This is something that you - and we - do not want to happen.

3. Creatures

This might be rather obvious, but please do not leave any creatures (alive or dead) in your storage unit. Doing so is not only cruel but also against the law. If you are struggling to find somewhere for your pet to temporarily stay, try to ask a family member, trusted friend or hire a pet sitter.

4. Plants

You should also not store plants in a storage unit. Plants require sunlight to survive, meaning that they will quickly die within your storage container. Similar to storing food and perishable good, this will likely attract pests, rodents and bugs.

5. Illegal Goods

Unsurprisingly, you are not permitted to store any illegal goods at storage facilities. This includes illegally obtained items and goods which might cause danger to others. If it’s illegal to have, it’s illegal to store at our facilities.

6. Flammable/Combustible items

Furthermore, any items that are flammable or combustible are not permitted to be stored in any storage facility, as they pose a risk to our customers and their belongings. This includes gas, oil, cleaning solvents and petrol. These items require specialist storage which is outside the capability of your typical self-storage facilities.

7. Strongly scented items

Strongly scented or fragrant items will attract pests, just as perishable foods and plants do. Because of this, it is not recommended to store any strongly scented items in your unit. This includes but is not limited to candles, incense, oils, and perfumes.

8. Yourself

And finally, no, you cannot store yourself at your storage unit. This is a very frequently asked question for every storage facility. Your unit is to store your belongings, and that’s it. It is not a living or working space.


Overall, as long as you abide by common sense and the law, you are able to store a huge variety of items in our storage lockers. Pickups Self Storage offers self-storage solutions for individuals, businesses, and students at an affordable rate. Our storage units are open 24/7 and available in a range of sizes to match your storage needs.

Get a quote and see how you can safely store your belonging today with Pickups Self Storage, a local Leeds-based storage facility.

1 year ago