Student Storage Units to Rent

Small or Large storage units to rent for students.
When you realize your hall rooms are too small, don't waste time to discover suitable self storage for all your belongings. When you are between student house moves or during the summer holidays, Pickup Self Storage are offering you a convenient secure storage place for your gear. Also, we offer flexible timeframes for small and large storage units to rent, meaning our storage units are a perfect fit for university students. Students can save money by clubbing storage space, which means sharing an individual self storage room with their friends. Student's storage units start from just £1.15 per box per week, insurance cover offered seperate.

Special Student Storage Units.
With our special student units, students can choose a private locker or a shared student storage room. With both options you will be able to store approximately 3 to 5 boxes and also 2 to 3 suitcases. This special student storage starts from just £10 per week, insurance cover offered seperate.