Case Studies

Ryan Hall


Ryan Hall former Leeds Rhino's winger secured a contract to play rugby in Australia and needed to move his belongings into a long-term storage facility. He chose us due to the security we have on site here at Pickups self-storage. As he was rented his house out furnished, he didn't need to store his furniture so he decided on a 10 ft upstairs storage container (80 Square feet). Ryan hired a van and brought his belongings in. he made use of our staff having them forklift his larger items and carried some of the smaller items up the stairs. As this is a long term Ryan received a discount for paying upfront.

Square Footage
10 X 8 - 80 SQ FOOT



Abby needed some extra storage due to moving to a new house. She took a 6ft storage container (36 Square feet) upstairs in our warehouse for the items that aren't everyday use such as: -

  • Christmas and other decorations
  • Seasonal Clothes
  • Suitcases
  • Toys
  • And other personal items.
This freed up much needed space in her home for more everyday storage. Abby rang up and arrange this storage container with short notice and filled her paperwork in over the phone and dropping her Id off when she brought her goods in a few days later. As her container is on the first floor, she was given assistance by our helpful staff to forklift the items up. All she had to do was put the boxes into the container and secure it with a padlock that she bought from our office. With the onsite security and extensive CCTV at Pickups Self Storage and the option of insuring her goods Abby felt content that her belongings would be safe.

Square Footage
6 X 6 - 36 SQ FOOT