De-clutter your Home!

Hands up if you find you just don’t have enough room in your house for your belongings? Whether you have a roof or even a cellar or garage space – it takes no time at all to fill these spaces and find that you are living in chaos and clutter. These items are important however and we know a great way to keep them safe and at the same time keep your home a calm sanctuary – consider self-storage Leeds where you can store your items securely.

We may not all have the attics or double garages needed to store Christmas decorations, school memorabilia or even collections that you have amassed over the years, so what do you do? Storage facilities are the perfect solution to help you declutter your home but there are a few key rules that you should follow to ensure that you are maximising the investment.

Only store what you will use again. It is only too easy to box everything up and put it away, as you never know when you will use it again. We all know however a lot of items we put away, we never use again, so it is more eco-friendly to sell or donate it to charity, so that someone else can use it, versus you sending it to land refill in a few year’s time. Consider the words of William Morris as you pack things up, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’.

Organise your storage according to use A self-storage unit needn’t just be used to store items you might need in a few years. Anything from Christmas decorations to garden furniture can go in there – just think carefully about how you order them.

Things you might need to get at every few months – such as your cordless drill or holiday suitcases – should be stored towards the front, and things you’ll need once a year or less, like Christmas decorations, at the back.

Label boxes clearly We all joke and laugh about those who make lists and spreadsheets – but there is some level of sanity in this, to help you get to things you need quickly and efficiently. When your items are packed up, the boxes look the same and it is difficult to differentiate between them. Consider investing in a label maker and find yourself the envy of other storage holders!
How you label, is up to personal choice – you may simply add a number or alphabet coding system – or you may write which room it came from with a top line summary of its contents – whatever system you choose, make sure it is one that is right for you.

How to fill a storage container? Consider what sort of items that you will be keeping in your self storage unit and stand large items upright, so they take up the height of your unit. Put them at the sides too, so they don’t need to be moved consistently which can cause unnecessary damage. Wrap these items to avoid any bumps and scratches form other items.

Are you still tight for space? Consider the following: if you have a chest of drawers or wardrobe you can’t take apart, make sure you pack items inside. Tables can be used like shelving, with items stored above and below the tabletop. Remember to use the entire space, not just the floor. Boxes should be packed sky high and take advantage of shelving and bookcases as extra storage space. You might even want to consider placing a ladder in your unit to help you easily access those high levels.
Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.


2 years ago