Decluttering to help you destress

When many of us feel overwhelmed, we look at many different solutions to help relieve this stress; yoga, a run or perhaps even a massage. For others however, we may look at cleaning, organising and sorting as something that is beneficial for our mental health. It is very common for people to find the idea of seeing their home, clean and organised a positive win, when managing the anxiety a crazy day has generated.

Here at Pickups Leeds self-storage we have a range of storage solutions to help support you manage the chaos that can occur in your home by helping to store items that are infrequently used in a cheap but secure and most importantly easily accessible location.

Studies have shown that clutter can lead to depression and there is a lot of truth in the phrase ‘a tidy home = a tidy mind’. Research has shown that unfinished projects and unorganised homes, can lead to fatigue and depression and this is because we associate our homes as a place of rest, a sanctuary for us to unwind. When homes are messy, the stress causes higher levels of cortisol, the driver of stress in our bodies.

Other research shows that clutter makes it harder for us to focus on a specific task that may need to get done. One way to look at it, is that the confusion and lack of organisation links to our emotions and creates negative feelings making us grumpy, irritable, and thus become tense.

So, take control of your home and your mental health. Decluttering has many positive effects as you gain control of your environment, your mind processes this positive action and helps improve your mood and sense of purpose. Other research has shown that people who have clean and organised homes tend to be healthier. An organised home allows you to be more focused, as you find that you will find things easier and can tackle more important issues in your life. When you have less things fighting for your brains attention, you can ensure that you focus upon these things more readily and with stronger conviction. Nothing is more frustrating than giving less than a 100%.

Remember baby steps – you won’t manage to organise everything overnight. Often it will take you a few days, for others it may be a few weeks. We allow you full access to your storage unit 24/7, 365 days a year – so you could start storing things you know you don’t need initially and then organise it more functionally later on. Consider clear labelling of boxes and packaging to protect items that could break or be damaged. Have a chat with our team too, who can help advise of tips to consider making the process more efficient and affective or call in help from family and friends. Many hands make lighter work and often organising can seem less daunting when you have others to support you.

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2 years ago