Different users for self-storage for business

Using self-storage units can be a simple solution for your business needs and are perfect for start-up and well-established businesses. Find out below a few ways on exactly how a storage unit can benefit your business, no matter what industry you are in.

  • Need a desk to work from?

Why not hot desk with fast internet connection, comfortable workspace and plenty of peace and quiet all from within your self-storage unit.

  • Store extra inventory you don't need at this moment

You can scale the size of your storage container to suit your stock levels, so you only pay for what you need.

  • Distribution point

Using a self-storage unit as a distribution point makes storing and distributing easier for your local or online business.

  • Storage of trade materials and equipment

If you own a plumbing or decorating business, a self-storage container could be ideal to store your extra materials and tools for a secure keeping rather than overnight in your van.

  • Important business and client meetings

You can use your storage unit for meetings with clients to save costs on renting an office premises which may be hardly used.

  • Are you a YouTube rising star?

You could rent a self-storage unit to be the visual hub for your online career or a quiet base to Vlog from.

  • Restaurant owner

Store your canned goods in a self-storage unit to save floor space and to allow your kitchens to be less cluttered to maximise productivity and organisation.

  • Keeping up with the seasons

Seasonal items can be stored until they are needed, as certain products and decorations are linked to specific times of the year. Instead of cluttering up your office, put them in storage to make room for current stock.

  • Keep business records safe and sound

Keep confidential documents and records safe and sound to comply with GDPR and your own piece of mind. Your storage unit could be used as an archive facility to save office space.


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4 years ago