Different users of Self-Storage

Self-storage may not seem like something for you, but you may be interested to discover how it is a fast-growing part of many people’s lives, as it delivers a cheap storage solution for both personal and work purposes.

Where you live and how you work will very much determine the opportunities that self-storage can serve to you.

Collectors – whether you are a collector of classic items such as stamps, miniatures or coins or more into tech, fashion or prints, consider keeping them safe and well organised with us here at Leeds self-storage. We can ensure a dry, safe, well-lit environment with a variety of sizes to suit all collectors who collect in all shapes and sizes.

Working from home – many of us are working from home now and have made sizeable changes in the home to allow for this – but there may still be the challenge of space, storage and a change of scene for mental breaks. Consider how a storage facility can be used to store either seasonal items from your home that need to be stored for part of the year, or files, equipment or stock which isn’t required daily. We can help you with our cheap storage solution allowing you to safely store items cheaply and efficiently.

You are in transit – whether you are someone who is normally on the go or a student – your location changes regularly and you don’t really have a fixed abode for very long or one that allows you to always have your gear together in one place. Cheap storage like ours near Bradford or Leeds is a great solution for you – as not only are we great value but we also have flexible contracts and space allowing you to alter your terms at short notice – we like to listen to our clients and help you!

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.


2 years ago