Garage Storage or Self Storage - Which is best for you?

Depending on your location, a dedicated parking space outside your house can prove to be difficult. Consequently, your garage may sometimes become a substitute. However, a garage often gets used to store anything and everything. Christmas decorations, old furniture or even additional food items - the list can be endless.
For small cost per month, self-storage is a great solution. However, before making the decision to purchase a storage space, we will discuss a few crucial factors:

By using your garage, you may not pay any monthly fees but expenses will accumulate, due to security and maintenance costs.
Alternatively, when paying a monthly rental fee (prices vary dependent on storage size). You will have 24-hour manned security with extensive CCTV. This will be cheaper than the cost to repair or replace damaged/stolen goods from your home garage.

If the right security measures are employed, both storage options offer your belonging protection.
However, using your garage may not be the most secure option for your needs. For example, your area may be prone to crime or you may be away often. In this case, possessions that hold a high monetary or sentimental value could be damaged or stolen.
By using utilizing a self-storage unit, you would have a guarantee that your belongings secure. Especially with our self-storage facilities, which are under 24/7 surveillance with a manned security.

Garage storage may offer more convenience for household items. For example, lawn mowers, bikes, simple DIY tools. However, larger items often require long-term storage, which is where a rented storage unit is perfect to protect them. This will keep them protected and away from damage.
With our 24/7 onsite commercial parking area, you can come and go as you please. You can even drive your vehicle right up to your self-storage entrance, which will save you from going back and forth.

Space management
By storing anything and everything in your garage, you risk your most important items becoming buried amongst your other belongings stored in your garage.
Therefore, it might be time to declutter and remove excess items from your garage to a self-storage unit!
Using a self-storage unit means you will be able to keep your garage organised and tidy with frequently used items whilst other items are left safe in the storage unit.

Storage conditions
Is your garage prone to dampness? Extreme heat? Severe cold?
When deciding between garage storage and self-storage units, you will need to consider the current conditions of your garage.

Certain conditions in the garage can make it unfit to store valuable. Here at Pickup Self-storage, you won't need to worry about this as our facilities are well maintained and eliminate extreme weather conditions and dampness.

Contact us today to see how Pickups Self Storage can find a suitable storage container for your needs. To view ways that we can help you, have a read of our case studies and find out how we have helped customers with their storage needs.

3 years ago