How Much Storage do I need?

Whether you’re looking do just declutter, or you’re moving house, a storage unit is the perfect solution for keeping your belongings safe and secure. But, trying to understand what size storage unit you need can be tricky. It’s hard to estimate how much space you’re going to need before everything’s packed into boxes.
Too much storage and your belongings will be rattling around inside, and you will have spent more unnecessarily. If your storage is too small, then there’s no chance you’ll be able to organise your unit or store everything you’ll need to. It can be difficult to visualise your belongings in a unit, especially if you’re storing bulkier, or awkwardly shaped items. To help, Pickups Self Storage have devised a handy guide to explain how much you can fit in a storage unit. Hopefully, this should help you decide what size storage unit is right for you.

What Size Storage do I Need?
It is surprising just how much you can fit into a self-storage unit if you organise and pack items correctly. There are a few questions you ought to ask yourself before you get started:

  • Why do I need storage? 
    Are you moving house? Relocating offices, decluttering or going away travelling? Why you need storage in the first place will probably give you a good indicator of how much space you’ll require.
  • What am I storing? 
    The items you’re placing into storage can have an impact on how much space you’re going to need. Consider how the shape, size and fragility of your belongings will make a difference to how they’re packed, as you’ll need to factor this into your measurements. You’ll also need to choose the right packing materials and determine whether items are stackable, or if they’ll need additional walking space around them.
  • How often will I require access?
    The size of the unit you’ll need depends on how frequently you’ll need access to them. If you’re planning on storing rarely used decorations or seasonal tools or furniture you may only need once a year, then you’ll be able to closely pack together with your boxes. However, if you’re regularly accessing the storage unit, it might be worth investing in a larger size so you’ll have more space to move around.
  • What if I’m unsure what size storage unit I need?
    Often, the larger the storage unit and the longer you stay, the less you’re likely to pay. If you’re worried about having enough room, there is generally very little difference between storage unit costs and investing in a slightly larger space. Also, self-storage is usually quite flexible, and most Pickups Self Storage make it simple to scale up or downsize your unit depending on your needs

    What Size Storage Containers are Available?
    At Pickups Self Storage, we offer a range of self-storage unit sizes to cater for a wide range of uses:

    36 SQ Foot
    Roughly the same size as a small garden shed. A 36 sq ft storage unit is handy for those looking to store a small number of boxes or miscellaneous items from around the house such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing or gardening tools. If you’re looking to declutter and free up some space in your home, when packed correctly and utilising the height, you can normally store around 60 medium boxes, or a room worth of furniture and accessories.

    If you’re a student looking to store the contents of your halls of residence over the holidays, this is the ideal storage solution for you.

    What can I fit inside 36 sq ft of storage space?
    • Single mattress
    • Holiday decorations
    • Suitcases
    • Household appliances
    • Boxes filled with clothes, home accessories or books

    64 SQ Foot
    To store any larger pieces of furniture, you’ll need 64 sq ft or more of space. A 64 sq ft storage unit is equivalent in size to a large walk-in closet, or half the size of a single car garage and is generally big enough to store the contents or a studio flat or a small 1 bedroom home. This is the perfect solution for opening up your home and creating some space, or just for storing items while you move home. It’s also ideal for small business owners looking for somewhere to store stock.

    What Can I fit in 64 sq ft of storage space?
    • Double bed and mattress
    • Chest of drawers
    • Large TV
    • Bookshelf
    • Small sofa
    • Dining table and chairs

    80 SQ Foot
    If you’re looking to store the contents of a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, then you’re going to require at least 80 sq ft of space to ensure you have enough room to store multiple items of furniture and general belongings.

    What Can I fit in 80 sq ft of storage space?
    • 2 double mattresses
    • 2 double bed frames
    • Bookcases
    • Sofas
    • Large appliances

    120 SQ Foot
    For those moving from 2-3 bedroom flat, 120 sq ft of storage will be more than enough space to store your furniture, clothing and belongings. Similarly, if you’re a business owner moving from a medium sized office, you can use the space to store computers, desks and other equipment as well as tables.

    What can I fit inside 120 sq ft of storage space?
    • Sofas
    • 2 double beds and mattresses
    • A single bed and mattress
    • Bulky furniture such as chest of drawers and wardrobes
    • Dining table and chairs
    • Office furniture and accessories

    We also have 160 and 320 sq ft storage units available to fit the contents of even larger homes or offices. Or, if you require, we can supply storage units up to 5000 square foot.

    Still unsure as to the size of the storage unit you’ll need? Don’t worry, our team is always happy to help, so get in touch now for more information or advice.

4 years ago