How self-storage can help online business

We understand that running a business from your home can be overwhelming and take over your house. Therefore, renting a self-storage unit will help de-clutter your workspace and help get your business organised as well as being budget friendly.

You can reduce clutter by storing your excess stock, equipment and documents in a secure self-storage unit. By storing away anything that is unused and not needed, such as old office equipment, archives and stock, you can create more working space in your home office.

Many self-storage facilities are fitted with 24hr CCTV surveillance and manned security. Therefore, you can rest-assured that your stock and important documents are safe and secure. Here at Pickup Self-storage we offer 24/7 CCTV and a security manned location with a secure perimeter fence, along with the site being fully illuminated.

With 24-hour access, you can pop in and visit your storage facility whenever and as often as you like. Customers can also visit you at your storage unit, instead of at home, for a more professional environment or to keep your work separated.

By renting a self-storage facility you will not have expensive power bills or be committing to long -term contracts, you will only have 1 monthly low-cost bill rather than all the other costings that come with renting a small building.

Businesses you can run from a self-storage facility

General - Whether you run a large or small business, a common issue is often running out of storage space. By freeing up space from stored archives, files, excess stock or even old equipment and storing it in a storage unit could result in creating space for a new employee.

Online Business - Whether you have an online business through the likes of eBay and Etsy or Facebook and Instagram; self-storage is the answer for you. It can create a space to work and store stock along with providing an area to pack products or to be a photo studio for your products.

Handy man - Does your line of work require expensive tools and work gear? Choose a self-storage location near your work locations so you can pop in and drop off/collect tools during your workday for a more convenient and safe approach.

Second-hand store - If your store provider allows you to trade from your container you can use it for storing stock, to meet customers and to conduct sales, whilst set up as a second hand or thrift store. This is a cheaper alternative to renting a small building and you can store your excess stock within.

Event and property styling - Renting a large building can be expensive and sometimes hard to find in the right location. A self-storage unit would be ideal, as it will be cheaper and more convenient to store your decor and furniture as you know that it is all safe and secure. You can come and go as you like or you can drive your vehicle right up to your container door.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today and help grow your business!

4 years ago