Moving House? How self-storage can help.

Moving house, is such a stressful time for many of us, with so much to consider, organise, plan and execute and all within ever changing timelines. If there is anything that can help ease this time and make it more efficient – wouldn’t you give it a go?

We think that helping you organise your things and getting a handle on what you want and need is a good place to start, and Pickups Self storage Leeds can help support you on this.

Whether you have lived somewhere for a relatively short period of time or for most (or all) of your life – things mount up and it has often been said that ‘You never really know how much stuff you accumulate until you move house’.

So how can Pickups Self storage Leeds help? Depending upon which of the below matter to you, we think there are a number of ways that can be considered:
1. Help sell your current home.
To help a prospective buyer visualise how they could potentially live in your home, you could remove extra items from the house to showcase a spacious living space. With clearer cupboards, living areas, sheds, attics, garages and utility rooms – the home can be more appealing and allow buyers to visualise themselves and their stuff being in the space and thus fast track a sale! Don’t forget that a clearer house is also easier to keep clean, an essential part of selling your home.
2. Staged moving process
If you start de-cluttering before your move and put less important items (but items that you want to keep) in storage for a short period, it can make the overall process seem less daunting. You can then tackle packing other items in a logical way, decluttering as you go. You shouldn’t pay for moving items that you honestly have no use for and who knows, you can then give yourself time to sell the item on your local Facebook Selling Group, Gumtree or Shpock. This will help ease, managing the amount of tasks that you need to tackle and keep you feeling motivated and power through.
3. Prioritise
When you are moving, you may be moving into a home that needs some work before you can fully settle in. Having self-storage can allow you a window of time to tackle these jobs quickly and efficiently without too much clutter in the way. You can manage any refurbishment updates without too much stress and interference and then bring in the rest of your items and settle in quickly, stamping your impression on your new home with minimal fuss and stress but maximum enjoyment.

So remember, self-storage is a great way of storing your stuff for a short while, when moving. It can help reduce stress and be a helpful part of the moving process allowing you to manage each step of the process with ease and clarity.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.

3 years ago