Self-storage for Online and Offline Businesses

Lockdown has forced many of us to reassess our career paths and given others inspiration to think of a new ideas (having seen a niche in the market) which they have recently launched (or are in the midst of launching) online.

You may now find that you have started up the business recently or been running something from home but find that you are running out of space for your stock and tripping over it in doorways and corridors in your home? Here at self-storage Leeds – we have many clients who face the same dilemmas. Come in and have a chat with us and we can advise of how best to store your stock knowing you have access 24/7 – we won’t stop you from working the hours that suit you as you start or grow a personal venture.

We don’t advise however that you work from the storage unit itself (e.g. answer customer queries, arrange meetings etc) – but think of it as a way to help you organise, manage and grow your online business. You can package up orders, or organise items into a system, to allow you to pick and pack efficiently. You can store bulk items of raw materials to take advantage of economies of scale but only take small amounts to your workshop/workplace to make into your sellable products. You can organise items in a logical arrangement, allowing you to be efficient when making the new items for your customers. Running your own business can be tough – you will have to be master of so many aspects of a business whilst looking after your customers – so keep things in order early on with support from us here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds.

Consider you are a small business who make creative and bespoke items, you may find a huge increase in orders around Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentines – what do you do with the extra stock you need to order and the items you have finished awaiting to be posted to clients? Cheap self-storage is a worthwhile solution which could help you out – a great way to store things in an organised manner allowing you the opportunity to then.

You could be a publisher, salesperson, an artist, a contractor or a small business that sells items through Ebay, Etsy, Amazon or even your own site – in each case, you don’t want to be cluttering up your home. You will also need a varying level of access to your stock or tools at different times of the day and even year.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.


2 years ago