Our Guide to Spring Cleaning

The 20th of March marks the official start of spring this year.

With the warmer weather it’s a great time to open the windows and air out your home.

Before you start your deep clean, here’s our quick guide to getting rid of any extra clutter lying around the house.


In each room you will want to sort items into categories:

• Frequently used items – to have easy access to in your home

• Infrequently used items – to store somewhere out of the way

• Seasonal items – to put into storage until next year

• Items to sell, give away or donate

• Things to throw away or recycle


In the Entryway…

Organise shoes, coats and bags. When was the last time you wore them? Infrequently used items can be tidied to a wardrobe or other storage space. Seasonal items like winter coats can be stored away for next year.


In the Kitchen and Dining Room…

Empty out the junk from your kitchen junk drawer. Do you have a mountain of Tupperware without lids? Or a blender you haven’t used in years? It’s a good idea to evaluate what you regularly use vs the things that just clog up your cupboards. You might realise only have one or two pans that you use for every meal, and everything else just gets in the way.


In the Bedroom…

Empty your wardrobe and drawers and go through all your clothes. You can store unseasonal items away for next year, and donate things you know you’ll never wear again. If you have extra bedding for the winter, you can vacuum pack these for easier storage.


The storage spaces in your home can easily become packed with items you don’t need daily, or even yearly. If your cupboards are full of rarely used items, that leaves very little space to tidy up your day to day clutter.


Our self storage units can help you free up space in your home. Our smaller units are a perfect size for everyday storage, such as seasonal clothes and bedding, suitcases, Christmas decorations, and sentimental items. We recommend clearly labelling all your boxes to easily find your items when you need them again.


Start your clear out today with a quote from our team on 0113 236 1144.

8 months ago