How to save money when you are using Self-Storage

Whilst you have decided that self storage Leeds or self storage Bradford is the solution for you – fancy hearing some tips on how to keep the costs as low as possible to ensure efficient use of your budget?

Firstly try and edit what you have and throw, donate or sell anything you really don’t need. Many of us have a tendency to hoard but ask yourself whether you really will need each item and set up a system that allows you to either: throw or recycle items; donate to local charities or sell items through Ebay, local Facebook groups or Gumtree. It really is crazy to store things that you don’t need and pay for this service. It’s also very surprising to see what people will buy second hand – one person’s junk, truly can be another person’s treasure. There is nothing nicer than selling items that you don’t need and give you a little extra money in your pocket.

Try and organise your things into a system that makes sense to you and easy for you to find. If possible, try to write an inventory of each box, noting what is in them – so should you need anything mid storage, you are still able to access it quickly and efficiently. When packing your things into storage, consider putting bulky and heavy things at the bottom and more fragile items (well wrapped) at the top. Also try and keep an element of logic in how you keep and keep items that belong together in the same box e.g. kitchen items together.

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2 years ago