Collectors - have you considered self-storage for your valuables?

Wikipedia defines collecting as ‘The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organising, cataloguing, displaying, storing, and maintaining items that are of interest to an individual collector ‘. It is important to so many of us, to ensure that we keep these carefully sought items (which you highly cherish) safely protected and often your home can be too small and cluttered for this to happen. So, have you considered self-storage? Here in Leeds, we have cheap reliable storage that can ensure your valuables are stored and well cared for – allowing you peace of mind so you can consider growing and editing your collection.

How can the team here at Pickups self-storage Leeds help?

  • Firstly, we can allow you to see the full extent of your years and months of work, acquiring the individual items in your collection. You have scoured markets, shops and possibly thousands of sites looking for precious pieces to add and whether it is worth a little or runs into the thousands – this collection is your treasure, and it is important to keep it safe.
  • By having your collection in one place – it allows you to see the full extent of what you have amassed and to appreciate what you have worked so hard for. You get a better sense of what additional elements you could add to it and also what you may not need and sell on to other avid collectors.
  • By having a space that is dedicated to your collection – you can also consider displaying it, allowing you to admire and cherish your work. This may not be possible for some collectors and for others you may not be able to display everything, but you could rotate what is on display, whilst others are in storage.
  • Consider packaging and labelling your storage boxes clearly and investing in good quality packaging materials. Sturdy boxes, plastic crates and wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap should be investigated. An itemised list of what is in each box is also important – perhaps 2 copies, one in the box and one that you keep with you. That way you will be sure to know that all is well accounted for.
  • Insurance should be a factor to also discuss with our team – it isn’t included in the rental costs, but we can advise you of providers to approach (or you are free to find something directly yourself) to offer additional protection of your items whilst it is in our care.

Still have a few questions - don’t hesitate to get in touch – either drop us a line at or call us on 0113 236 1144 and we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.

2 years ago