Security and Safe Storage for Offices and Personal Use.

It’s important to keep things safe and protected at all times. Unfortunately there are so many burglaries and home break-ins every year, that we shouldn’t be complacent and assume it won’t happen to us.

Many offices have been left unoccupied for long periods of time with expensive office equipment left unattended. The cost to have 24-hour security is high but necessary and with most offices still not operating back at full capacity, it could be a cost that you could cut by looking at alternative ways of looking after your equipment. You may choose to downsize to save on rental as more members of the team continue working from home. With self-storage, there are a range of units available both large and small. Rental terms are flexible, meaning that you only pay for what you need and with no deposit needed. If you need 24-hour access, this too is possible, and our sites have great lighting and road access ensuring you the flexibility and ease that you need.

With more of us working at home than ever before and this becoming the norm, we are having to re-think how we live in our homes and readjust rooms to allow for a work-space. It may be that we need to store paperwork that is infrequently needed or stock that will be sold over the next 12-18 months. Whatever the need, it is worth keeping your work-space, albeit at home professional and organised and move unnecessary things to a self-storage unit. If you are clever and organise the boxes with clear labels and keep a clear note of this, it will allow you to find anything you need easily and no fuss. Remember however you should be wary of storing perishable food or plants, which would die and also attract bugs and rodents. You should also avoid keeping cash in a self-storage unit as your insurance wouldn’t cover this if for any reason it was lost or damaged.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.

3 years ago