Do Not Make These 5 Self Storage Mistakes!

Whilst self-storage may seem quite simple, there are some common mistakes that you should try to avoid! The consequences of these mistakes can range from damage to your products to a complete infestation of the storage facility, so make sure to recognise and avoid them.


Mistake #1: Not Packing Your Boxes Correctly

The last thing you want is to lug your boxes all the way to your storage facility, only to find out that your cherished items within have been damaged during the journey. Use some simple methods to avoid your items being damaged, such as storing heavy items at the bottom and wrapping delicate glassware in bubble wrap or fabric.


Mistake #2: Not Organising Your Unit

Similarly, make sure to organise your boxes and suitcases correctly in the unit. You want to have any important items easily accessible and a clear path in and out of your unit. Don't make the mistake of just tossing in your items without any organisation - this will be a pain to get rid of when you move out of the unit.


Mistake #3: Declining Insurance

Whilst it is extremely rare for your possessions to be stolen thanks to our fantastic security measures at Pickups Self Storage, we still do recommend insurance. Self-storage facilities are not liable for any damage done to your items, so insurance offers you greater protection for your belongings.


Mistake #4: Bringing Prohibited or Perishable Items

Whilst you can store a wide variety of items in our storage units, there are some prohibited items, such as illegal contraband, flammable items, and perishable foods.

We recently wrote another blog covering what items you should not bring to your storage container, so make sure to get acquainted with what you can and cannot store.

These items may cause danger to other customers and their possessions, so they are prohibited from being stored at any reputable storage facility.


Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Size Unit

Sometimes it is hard to gauge what size unit you might need, and sometimes people rent out units that are much too small or large for their needs. This creates extra hassle and it's potentially a waste of money. That's why we recommend you contact us to get a quote on your unit size and how much it will cost.


Self-storage is a fantastically affordable and easy way to store your possessions. You will have a smooth experience with us at Pickups Self Storage by avoiding these five mistakes, and you can always get in contact with our friendly and experienced staff if you have any questions.

1 month ago