How can self storage help when you have experienced the loss of someone close.

Death is such a sad time and can be a really confusing and overwhelming for all involved. You may find that at the beginning you need to deal with the loss of your loved one and the important tasks of funeral arrangements, letting family and friends know before you start to consider what to do with their personal belongings. Hopefully for you there is no immediate rush or timeframe in which you need to sort everything out and you can tackle things in your own time but remember to take one step at a time.

We all approach loss in different ways, it may be that you are practical and are hands on and sorting through personal affects straight away, it could help you deal with things. For others however, it may be something that you wish to do over time and not rush into, allowing you the opportunity to grieve and slowly let go. In times like this, a self storage unit, such as ours in Leeds could be a good stepping stone, allowing you to store the items safely and securely. And with 24 hour access, 7 days a week you can come by and sort through the items whenever it suits you.

There could be so many things that you need to consider – their may be a will that requires you to sort through and give certain items to particular beneficiaries, or you may have family and friends who want certain items as a token, to remember them by. By taking your time you can also consider what could go to charity to be reused, be sold and when you are ready, items that need to be thrown away. This is an emotional time and you want to give yourself as much time as you need – often having a self storage unit can allow you to tackle it as and when you are ready. Here at Pick Ups we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something to suit you and your needs. With no deposits or minimum terms, you don’t have to worry about any time pressure.

We are a family business so we care and are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and share your needs – either drop us a line at or call us on 0113 236 1144 and we are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

2 years ago