Spring Cleaning - time to overhaul and sort out

Spring Cleaning – time overhaul and sort out With spring firmly here and the sign of flowers blooming, the days getting longer and the weather looking to improve – we often find ourselves reenergised with a new lease of motivation to get through all of those jobs that have been stuck on our to do list. Those ever increasing piles of clothes that may or may not need to go to the charity shop, or those ornaments and keepsakes which you really don’t want to part with but there simply is no room on the bookshelf. You may still find yourself working from home for some, or the majority of the week and haven’t quite made the space needs a sprucing up to make it inviting and Instagram worthy.

With these longer days and light shining through our homes and businesses we start to see our spaces with a new view and this can lead to inspiration to renovate and make changes. Whilst many of us start the task of deep cleaning every room in our house and sorting through files, clothes and memorabilia that we have keep to one side to sort out. Those of us with small spaces may find that we have to switch over items, putting away winter items and replacing them with their spring/summer equivalents.

Have you considered how self storage can help you look after seasonal items or items that you don’t necessarily need access to on a regular basis? During the winter you may not want garden tools, bikes, electric fans, summer outdoor furniture or summer clothes. Whilst in the summer this could involve you storing away your winter clothing and coats, higher tog blankets and throws or Christmas Decorations and electric heaters during those summer months. You can carefully store these items safely and securely with us at Pick Ups Leeds where we have range of units available big or small and fully accessible 24/7.

You may be considering what items need to be recycled and replaced or whether you could live with less furniture or accessories in your home. Self storage is a great interim solution allowing you to put things in storage for a short (or long) period of time whilst you play around with the layout of your home and consider what you really do need to create a harmonious sanctuary.

And if you are unsure for how long you need storage – we have flexible contracts which allow you to change your mind as we all know the future is unpredictable.

Here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, we offer a wide range of different sized storage units, meaning we have something for everyone! We have no deposits or minimum terms so contact us today.

1 year ago