Top Tips for Simplifying your Flat: what to do with all your stuff?

For newly-weds and young adults moving out for the first time, a small flat might be the best way to experience that initial taste of freedom. However, small flats can sometimes mean an even smaller living space. Therefore, storing and organizing your possessions can sometimes feel like a challenge.

Suppose you have organized your clutter; what will you do with the items that you don't have space for? Here are our top tips for simplifying your flat and what to do with all your stuff.

Steps for Simplifying:

When simplifying your flat, the aim shouldn't be to get it done quickly but instead thoroughly. You should aim to work at your flat pile by pile. This way, you won't feel defeated by the overall mess.

Section your Clutter - An easy way to cut down the work is by arranging your items into individual piles. For example, a pile of shoes, clothes and CDs. This will help you to visually map out all the things that you own.

Make sure that you remove any items that are damaged, destroyed or outdated. Another thing to look out for are copies of an item. There is no need to keep similar or copies of an item when you are trying to save up on space.

Identify which things you want to donate, sell or keep. If you don't plan on keeping certain items, create a pile of objects that you want to throw away too.

Assign your Clutter a new home - Now that you have organized your clutter, you will need to decide how and where you plan to store it. This will make the overall cleaning job easier:

- Try plastic storage containers - these are a great way to store your piles of items.

- Arrange your items based on size/height - when you arrange your items from biggest to smallest, you make it easier to find each stored item.

- Change the way that you fold - you may want to consider folding your clothes vertically. This allows you to both store more clothes and see them easier. Why not consider folding them in the order of colour!

- Use your surroundings - a bed takes up a lot of space in a room so take advantage of that and store your storage containers underneath your bed. Headboards are also a great place to store your books, lamps, or photos.

So now that you've got your rooms organized, how about your outdoor gear? For example, where will you place your bikes, camping gear, kits, and motor repair equipment?

Here are a few recommendations for you:

Decorate your walls - If you're looking to save space but fill up your walls, try mounting your bikes to your walls. This may sound strange but with a vertical bike rack, it is possible.

Another way to save space is through hanging cabinets. These cabinets allow you to store your possessions on your walls. Or for a heavy-duty version, explore sliding storage units, which allow you to store your containers from the ceiling.

Use a Self-Storage Unit - Finding room for large outdoor objects can be difficult but with the right help, you can have the perfect space to store your gear.

Not only are storage units ideal for storing large items; they are also secure, affordable and accessible. Each storage unit provides clear storage space, fit for even commercial use.

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