January 2022 Blog


Declutter for the New Year and a New You It’s January 2022 and a fresh start is on the horizon for us all! So, what New Year’s resolutions have you made? Keeping fit? A detox diet? We believe that something that is great for the mind, soul and your life is a DECLUTTER! And what do you do with everything that you don’t urgently need in your home or your office space? Well how about you consider a storage facility like Pickups Self Storage – let us take away the items that you don’t imminently need and free up some space and thus your mind!

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Broken or damaged Christmas decorations? This is what you should have done instead!


You are unpacking the Christmas decorations for your home or your business and many of you will find yourself in the unfortunate position of finding those Christmas decorations (whether they have come out of loft, storage cupboard or garage) not looking quite the way you packed them up in January earlier in the year. It really can dampen those Christmas spirits and worse still there is the extra cost of replacing the decorations which needs to be factored in.

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Decluttering to help you destress


When many of us feel overwhelmed, we look at many different solutions to help relieve this stress; yoga, a run or perhaps even a massage. For others however, we may look at cleaning, organising and sorting as something that is beneficial for our mental health. It is very common for people to find the idea of seeing their home, clean and organised a positive win, when managing the anxiety a crazy day has generated.

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Collectors – have you considered self-storage for your valuables?


Wikipedia define collecting as ‘The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organising, cataloguing, displaying, storing, and maintaining items that are of interest to an individual collector ‘. It is important to so many of us, to ensure that we keep these carefully sought items (which you highly cherish) safely protected and often your home can be too small and cluttered for this to happen.

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Self-storage for online and offline businesses


Lockdown has forced many of us to reassess our career paths and given others inspiration to think of a new ideas (having seen a niche in the market) which they have recently launched (or are in the midst of launching) online.

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Frequently asked questions on self storage


Here at Pickups Self Storage, we have over 20 year’s experience in looking after peoples and businesses valuables and we want to reassure you that not only are we experts, but we are experts who care. As a family run business, our ethos is to ensure that support you in providing the best self-storage facility in not only Leeds but in Yorkshire.

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De-clutter your home!


Hands up if you find you just don’t have enough room in your house for your belongings? Whether you have a roof or even a cellar or garage space – it takes no time at all to fill these spaces and find that you are living in chaos and clutter. These items are important however and we know a great way to keep them safe and at the same time keep your home a calm sanctuary – consider self-storage Leeds where you can store your items securely.
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Cheap storage needed - due to changes in your relationship


There are many reasons why individuals and businesses need self-storage here in the Leeds and Bradford area. It is a practical, cost efficient option versus many other routes and we believe here at Pickup Self-storage Leeds, a family run business who are experts at delivering storage solutions, we listen to what our customers want and recommend the ideal solution for you.
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You are in transit so need accessible and flexible storage solutions


You have found yourself in one location for nearly 18 months now due to Covid-19, however the world is opening up and your world has stepped up a notch or two. You are now returning back to a new norm, one that allows you to start travelling again (albeit with a few changes), resume your previous vocation or return back to further studies. This may leave you with a challenge of what to do with your belongings which may be, seasonal or non-essential home accessories – as you move into smaller residence, temporary accommodation or hotel rooms.
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Different users of self-storage


Self-storage may not seem like something for you, but you may be interested to discover how it is a fast-growing part of many people’s lives, as it delivers a cheap storage solution for both personal and work purposes.
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How to save money when you are using self storage


Whilst you have decided that self storage Leeds or self storage Bradford is the solution for you – fancy hearing some tips on how to keep the costs as low as possible to ensure efficient use of your budget?
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Renovating your home? Let self-storage help!


There are many reasons for renovating your home – many of us recently have been spending more time in the home and are using our home space differently, realising that we need to make modifications to suit these new and revised ways of living.
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The financial positives when you, self-storage


It has always been a financially economical way of saving money, when you store items in self-storage – be it for yourself or business. However the last few months have put more pressure on many of us to economise and reassess the way we live and work.
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Self-storage for students


Your time at university is transitional and you move annually, never knowing what you will need or not need in each home. Some homes come fully furnished, some a little barer, and sometimes you are sharing with a fully organised and well-prepared housemate who has enough cutlery to feed an army, whilst others place labels on everything they own ensuring no-one else touches it. You could find yourself with a few boxes of things that mount up quite quickly to ensure you are ready for the ever-changing situations but no-where (or limited space) to store them when you don’t.
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Security and safe storage for offices and personal use.


It’s important to keep things safe and protected at all times. Unfortunately there are so many burglaries and home break-ins every year, that we shouldn’t be complacent and assume it won’t happen to us.
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Moving House? How self-storage can help.


Moving house, is such a stressful time for many of us, with so much to consider, organise, plan and execute and all within ever changing timelines. If there is anything that can help ease this time and make it more efficient – wouldn’t you give it a go?
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5 reasons for renting a self-storage unit for business use


Our world is fast changing and rapidly evolving and recent world crises have led to businesses being more flexible and adaptable than ever before. Competition has increased in many sectors as digital commerce has exploded and has led to an impact on many elements of the supply chain. Working from home has become pretty much the norm overnight, and whilst many businesses are returning to work – it involves more flexibility and more importantly the need to reassess what office space is required.
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Can I run a Business from a Storage Unit?


When thinking about self storage units, you may only think about people storing furniture and other household items – but the truth is, many businesses use self storage units to their advantage, whether it’s to pick and pack stock, store tools useful to their business or to safely secure paperwork.
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Useful Tips for First-Time Storage Users


Whether you are remodelling your home, looking for space to store your stock, or anything between, Pickups self storage units are an ideal solution. Rather than throwing items away to be placed into landfill, you can instead sore them in a safe, clean environment until you next need them. While storage units are simple enough to use, there are a few things you should do first before piling it high with your items. If you are new to the world of self storage units, make sure you follow our top tips for making the most out of your space.
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How to Pack a Self Storage Unit: Tips and Tricks


Renting a storage space is a great way to help you out when you need some extra room, whether you’re just decluttering, or you’re moving to a new house. But, when it comes to your self storage unit, it’s all to easy to simply shove your stuff inside, lock the door and leave. But, if you take the care and attention to pack your unit properly, you can make much better use of your space.
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How Much Storage do I Need?


Whether you’re looking do just declutter, or you’re moving house, a storage unit is the perfect solution for keeping your belongings safe and secure. But, trying to understand what size storage unit you need can be tricky. It’s hard to estimate how much space you’re going to need before everything’s packed into boxes.
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Garage Storage or Self Storage - Which is best for you?


Depending on your location, a dedicated parking space outside your house can prove to be difficult. Consequently, your garage may sometimes become a substitute. However, a garage often gets used to store anything and everything. Christmas decorations, old furniture or even additional food items - the list can be endless.
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How to Plan for a Long Time Storage


When organizing small items into boxes, you can spend as little as a few hours. However, for valuable items, making sure that they are properly stored is vital. For example, unlike a small teddy bear, a rare painting wouldn't simply get stored in a box. Why?

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Top Tips for Simplifying Your Flat: What to Do with All Your Stuff?


For newly-weds and young adults moving out for the first time, a small flat might be the best way to experience that initial taste of freedom. However, small flats can sometimes mean an even smaller living space. Therefore, storing and organizing your possessions can sometimes feel like a challenge.

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4 Ways to Save Space in Your Self-Storage


When you picture your self-storage unit, what do you see? Organised toolboxes, a clear work surface or a land of forgotten possessions? If it's the latter, then it may be time for a fresh start!

Other than being an essential tool for storage, your self-storage unit could be first thing customers see. Therefore, keeping it up to shape is needed to maintain your credibility.

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How self-storage can help online business


We understand that running a business from your home can be overwhelming and take over your house. Therefore, renting a self-storage unit will help de-clutter your workspace and help get your business organised as well as being budget friendly.

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Different users for self-storage for business


Using self-storage units can be a simple solution for your business needs and are perfect for start-up and well-established businesses. Find out below a few ways on exactly how a storage unit can benefit your business, no matter what industry you are in.

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Benefits of self-storage


Self-storage units have recently become ever more popular, providing a simple way to store anything you desire. Whether you are de-cluttering, down-sizing, looking for extra space or simply setting up an online business, Pickup Self-storage can help you! Using your local self-storage facility has a range of benefits, here are a few of them:

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